Support Team

Support team

The I Dream of Africa Team is supported by a number of professional volunteers on a non-profit basis. By sharing ideas, working together on administration, promotional activities and developing specific safari products, effective business processes have been developed. A new website, technical support and management thereof is an example of the mutual co-operation.

Who are we?

Simply a group of people who have, on different occasions, experienced the astounding African landscapes of Tanzania (and their inhabitants!), through the eyes of ‘master bush-budy’, Christopher Samwel and his team. Our continued contact has developed into a support team.

Ricardo Zengerink

Christopher has a special place in my heart. Not only because he took me and my family on a fantastic safari in 2011, but also because I respect the efforts he is making to become an independent Safari Tour Operator and to improve support and development within his community. In Tanzania, a safari guide with large, mostly foreign tour operators, receives no, or minimal wages. Most safari guides are completely dependant upon tips from guests and the huge profits do not benefit the local community in any way. I support Christopher by optimizing the effectiveness of his website and developing promotional activities. I do this because I hope more and more people will have the pleasure of experiencing an unforgettable safari with Christopher, your “Best Buddy in the Bush”.

Do you have any questions or ideas? Feel free to e-mail me: and I will reply promptly. 

Wilmke Offereins

Wilmke Offereins

During a safari, Christopher made a huge impression on me. His knowledge of the animals and their habitat is comprehensive. Stories about his family, extended family and community really impressed me. I experienced first hand how difficult daily existence can be in Tanzania. By improving his business, thereby being able to book more safaris, his family situation will also improve. Healthcare, providing for and educating his children, as well as starting a water project in his village, are high on Christopher’s list of priorities.
Should you have suggestions for improvements for the site or on the subject of icommunication, please contact me:

Jill Godfrey

I have lived and travelled extensively in Southern Africa for many years, but I can honestly say that I had the trip of a lifetime with Christopher from I Dream of Africa. It was an enriching experience. I learnt so much more about animal behaviour in the wild thanks to Christophers knowledge and his 30 years experience in the field. I would like to share my experience and am happy to inspire and help you plan your own ultimate camping Safari with Christopher “Eagle-Eye” Samwel from I Dream of Africa. You can mail me:

Anke van der Zee

Anke van der Zee, who went on safari with Christopher, is an experienced traveller to Africa and a photographer. She and other happy safari-go’ers who made their photographs, stories and experiences available for the I Dream of Africa site, support Christopher’s efforts whole-heartedly. 

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