Christopher Samwel founder and guide I Dream of Africa

Christopher Samwel – founder and guide I Dream of Africa

“My dream is that my safari company will contribute to a better life and more development for our community, such as proper water supply, sanitary circumstances and education for all children in our community.”

Christopher Samwel: “your best buddy in the bush!”

Christopher Samwel - founder and guide I Dream of Africa Safaris“I want to give visitors the real experience of the African bush and everything in it. Not just chasing after The Big 5, but taking the time to meet The Little 5 ….and everything in between. They are just as fascinating and fun to watch!”

Christopher was born in a village in the Arusha National Park at the foot of Mt Meru, with Mt Kilimanjaro in view. As a young boy, he walked through this area daily. The stories about this time are fascinating! His father was the elder and advisor to the villagers. Still, his mother and his brother live in this area with their families. He is busy with a project to get safe drinking water to the villagers. 

Christopher now lives in Arusha city with his wife and children. His older daughter is at medical school. His son has just completed a marketing training. He assists in the I Dream of Africa office and is active with the marketing of the company. His three youngest daughters are all at school.

Christopher’s work experience of 30 years is extensive and varied. He originally drove supply trucks to remote areas where there were sometimes no roads at all – he is also a mechanic! After working for several large safari companies as driver and safari guide, he always dreamt of having his own company. He is officially registered as a tour operator.

Professional and very experienced guide!

Christopher grew up in the wilderness of Tanzania and followed several professional courses at the Interpretive Guide Society about wildlife en birding.  His knowledge of the animals and their habitat is comprehensive. With all this experience in the bush, with wild animals and a specialisation in birds and habitat, he is simply the ‘Best Buddy in the Bush’ one could wish for on an authentic safari.

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