Best time for the Great Migration in Tanzania

Best time for the Great Migration in Tanzania

Are you planning a safari to see the great migration in the Serengeti? To watch animals crossing the river in Tanzania, or do you want to see thousands of wildebeest babies in the green fields of the South Serengeti? That’s why we like to inform you about the best time for the great migration in Tanzania.

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We are happy to plan the trip of your life to try and see the migration in the Serengeti live!

The wildebeest migration calendar for Tanzania and Kenia

Nowhere in the world is there a mass movement of animals as immense as this one. Hundreds of thousands, especially wildebeest and zebra, move in an annual pattern over the plains. This is somewhat predictable as they migrate looking for fresh grazing and water. However, the precise timing of the migration depends on the rainfall each season.

One of the highlights is the famous crossing. Millions of animals try to cross the Mara River ALIVE while crocodiles lie in wait!

Watching and waiting to catch the drama of a crossing is an experience that you will never forget!

For a quick view of the migration of the wildebeest in Tanzania and an actual live feed, you can have a look at HerdTrackerWildebeest Migration Live Feed.

Annual movement of animals in the Serengeti

Based on rainfall and historic data this schedule gives an indication of the migration movements:

January – March:
South Serengeti & Ngorongoro Conservation Area (calving season second half of February/March): the best time to see the young calves on the green plains.

April – May:
Central & Western Serengeti

June – July:
Western Serengeti & Northern Serengeti

July – September:
Northern Serengeti & Masai Mara

October – December:
Masai Mara & Eastern/South Serengeti

The best time to watch the river crossing: July- October

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