About us

An unforgettable safari with local impact

“My dream is that my safari company will contribute to a better life and more development for our community, such as proper water supply, sanitary circumstances and education for all children in our community.”

Christopher Samwel: “your best buddy in the bush!”

Our story

Christopher Samwel is founder of I Dream of Africa

Christopher was born in the village Momella in the Arusha National Park at the foot of Mt Meru, with Mt Kilimanjaro in view. As a young boy, he walked through this area daily. The stories about this time are fascinating! With all this experience in the bush, with wild animals and a specialisation in birds and habitat, he is simply the ‘Best Buddy in the Bush’ one could wish for on an authentic safari. 

I Dream of Africa Ltd is an official registered, local tour operator and member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and represented on SafariBookings.com.

Read more about Christopher and his story 

Our impact

Visiting Christopher's family in Momella

Benefits of travelling with a local safari company:

  • Your guide is one of the best in his field; only the best and most experienced guides can afford to start their own safari company. They must be good enough not to depend on the marketing power of a big, mostly foreign-owned, company.
  • Small locally owned companies are much more flexible during your trip: whenever possible, they will adjust the programme according to your wishes.
  • Travel locally means supporting locals which makes your travel much more beautiful and sustainable! Each safari booked with I dream of Africa is an investment in their future. More info 


Our team

Master bush chef Japher prepares the meals during your safari in Tanzania

  • Professional local team members; all guides are all certified and possess excellent guiding skills
  • French, Italian, Spanish or German speaking guides
  • Experienced professional cook:  Master bush chef is Japher Arasululu, Christoper’s cousin. More info 


Support Team

Jill Godfrey geniet van de picknick bij de Hippo Pool in Ngorongoro

The I Dream of Africa Team is supported by a number of professional volunteers on a non-profit basis. By sharing ideas, working together on administration, promotional activities and developing specific safari products, effective business processes have been developed. A new website, technical support and management thereof is an example of the mutual co-operation. More info

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