Lake Eyasi Hadzabe Tribe

Lake Eyasi visit Hadzabe tribe

Lake Eyasi is a pristine saline lake surrounded by Rift Valley walls in the west and the high ground to the north, which offers magnificent views. This lake is home to a number of unusual species of fish. Sightings of rare bird species and reptiles can be encountered along the shoreline.

What makes a visit to Lake Eyasi worthwhile is the peaceful atmosphere of a remote area and the beautiful panoramic views. There are no large predators here, but the advantage is that you can enjoy this unique area on foot. Hike through the ancient Baobab trees, mountain bike or canoe (seasonal). From a high vantage point, one can enjoy spectacular sunsets.

This area is home to various indigenous peoples, one of which is the Hadzabe community. They have lived here for thousands of years according to their age-old traditions. The community, numbering about 2000, lives a nomadic lifestyle, hunting and gathering food and sleeping under the stars. Their language contains a large number of click sounds which, it is thought, stems from the origin of humanity.

Visit a Hadzabe community

Leaving before sunrise, a guide will accompany you to find a place where a group of Hadzabe have gathered. One can join a hunting group, try your hand at using traditional bow and arrows or remain with the group and participate in daily activities. One gets a unique glimpse of how their authentic way of life and culture has survived for more than 10,000 years in an ever-evolving world.

Best time to visit the Hazabe tribe: The best time to visit Lake Eyasi: during the dry seasons and peak tourist months of June – October. Good time to visit Lake Eyasi: December – March. Whilst it is possible to visit the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes during the rainy season the roads are very muddy in April and May, making it a long, boggy journey.

This excursion is included in a visit to Lake Eyasi

Birding safari Lake Eyasi

Bird lovers will be in paradise here, as the lake attracts vast numbers of birds of all sizes and colours.

Some main birds to be found here include Africa spoonbill, flamingos, gray-headed gulls, great white pelicans, pied avocet and yellow-billed storks.

Best time to spot birds in Lake Eyasi area: Almost any time of year is a good time to visit Lake Eyasi. Only between April and May, it can be questionable because of heavy long rains.

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