Our team

Professional local team members

Christopher is surrounded by a team of professional local safari guides who do speak French, Italian, Spanish or German. They are all certified and possess excellent guiding skills. Therefore, all guides are both companion and teacher. They will not only help you identify the local flora and fauna, but they are also knowledgeable about animal behavior, local cultures, and traditional uses of plant life.

Warren Samwel (1998) is Christopher’s son and is working for the company since 2016. He mainly is involved with marketing and accounting, since he studied sales management and marketing at the Institute of Commercial Management in Arusha. Being part of I Dream of Africa makes Warren proud, as he can contribute to expand the tour operator business his father started. But also he wants to take his responsibility towards his family and community.







Master bush chef is Japhet Arasululu, Christoper’s cousin. His daily challenge is to provide ‘simple, delicious, healthy and generous meals during your road trip. And he does it really well! Christopher Paresso and Godfrey Kirimbay are the assistants of Japhet.

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