Our impact

The benefits of choosing a locally owned safari company

Visiting Christopher's family in Momella

  • Travel locally means supporting locals which makes your travel much more beautiful and sustainable! Each safari booked with I dream of Africa in an investment in their future. By travelling with a small local company like I dream of Africa, your travel contributes to a better life of all people surrounding Christopher and his team. Being real Tanzanian, all team members are determined to support their extended family and village. Their dream is to give all kids in his small village the possibility to go to school and finish their study.
  • Given the fact that the best and most experienced guides leave big companies to start their own safari company, choosing a small, locally owned company, means that you choose for an experienced guide who is good enough not to depend on the marketing power of a big, mostly foreign-owned, company. Good word of mouth and referrals only work when you deliver a perfect job!
  • Small locally owned companies are much more flexible during your trip: whenever possible, they will adjust the programme according to your wishes.
  • I Dream of Africa Ltd is an officially registered local tour operator and member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO).

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