I Dream of Africa is closely following the situation around the coronavirus in Tanzania. The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our first priority and you can be sure that we take all necessary precautions.

We can’t get rid off corona, but we can avoid getting infected. While on safari you’re mainly outside, you travel in your own group and you mainly see animals and hardly any people.

Latest updates on corona measures in Tanzania

No travel restrictions to fly into Tanzania

Tanzania opened its borders for international tourism on June 1st and has since been welcoming representatives of the travel industry and also quite some adventurous tourists.

In recognition of the importance of health, safety and security of tourists and the general public, Tanzania’s tourism industry has presented detailed protocols regarding control measures and procedures towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 (link). At the airport, all staff wear protective gear and keeps distance and technologies, like mobile scanning of boarding passes, have been introduced.

Coronaproof safari

Although we cannot ensure you have zero risk of infection, our safaris are as coronaproof as possible. In fact, a safari in the middle of nature fits perfectly well with the need for social distancing and crowd avoidance during travel. We take care of our personal hygiene, we wear a face mask and gloves and limit our own social contacts. Before your arrival, we sanitize all surfaces and objects in the car, such as door handles, seats and binoculars. We bring more than enough sanitizer liquid, tissues, soap and water for the whole duration of your trip.

The smallscale lodges are carefully selected after an onsite visit. They follow a protocol that minimalizes the risk of spreading any virus, including intensive cleaning processes in common areas and rooms, dispensers and prevention kits are available in all public areas and personal distancing is assured in common areas. You can be sure that your bed linen is washed at 60 degrees Celcius, that all surfaces in the bathroom are fully disinfected, items such as glasses and hairdryers are sealed and pillows have been dry cleaned before your stay.

Unspoiled nature at its best

The good thing about this crazy time is that nature is even more amazing than ‘before corona’. For me, it feels like being thrown back in time to my youth, when there were no tourist cars driving around. It’s impressive how wildlife reacts to the new situation: some animals, like the lions in the Ngorongoro, seem to miss the cars and look bored, other animals come out of their hidden place. One thing is sure, you’ll have an unforgettable and unique experience.

During game drives, with the roof open and face masks off, you feel the breeze and enjoy the spectacular views. Freedom!

Flexible cancellation policy

Given the rapid changes in the development of corona and the policies of your and our government, we made our terms super flexible. If unexpectedly, it is not advisable to travel due to developments with the coronavirus, we can postpone your trip with no additional costs. The price of the trip is, therefore ‘frozen’ and we guarantee that there will be no additional costs if we have to move the trip to a different date. Although the lodges still require a deposit to confirm the booking, we agreed that this is only 25%, the remaining amount is due 2 months before departure. If at that time, your trip needs to be postponed, you can delay the remaining payment. In case you’re allowed to travel but you do not feel comfortable to go, you can postpone your trip without any additional costs.

For all brave travelers: if you want to travel abroad and treat yourself with an unforgettable experience, consider a safari with I Dream of Africa. Tanzania is a perfect place to be right now: stay in the middle of nature and forget all about Covid.