Private Safari in Tanzania, come with us

Private Safari in Tanzania, come with us!

A private safari in Tanzania offers you a really unique experience: the daily programme depends entirely on your wishes – even when you are on the road! Of course, we have to be back at camp before dark, but between sunrise and sunset the day is completely yours to fill. Our individual safaris are so much more than simply spotting The Big 5. We go off the beaten track and like no other operator, take the time to observe animal behaviour. Before you know it, you could be eye-to-eye with giraffe or face to face with elephant and other magnificent creatures like a rhino, hippo’s, lion, leopard, cheetah, jackals. All this in a quiet, calm and responsible manner i.e. not disturbing the animals! And one thing is definite: you will take with you most extraordinary and unforgettable experiences to cherish.

Come with us and Contact us so we can compile your tailor-made dream safari!

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